At Diamond Vault NV, we deliver a unique arrangement - the stamp of superior goods and the assurance of excellent services - delighting our customers and striving for perfection in our craft.

We are active in rough diamonds that range from 8 points down and 1 carat and up, with a quality benchmark set at VS 2 and higher. Our procurement from the local Antwerp market amounts for up to 60% of the total supply and is more oriented to the ‘1 carat up’ goods, with payment terms varying between cash and 60 days. Around 20% of the stones are imported from India.

Both the international as well as the local Antwerp market are of equal importance to our company. Payment terms differ depending on geographic locations. Sales made to the local market varies between cash to 90 days, while those made to India are mostly on a 120 days basis.

We are driven by a passion for innovation in our manufacturing arm by investing in the latest machinery, R&D, and training for artisans in order to continuously optimise our polish output. To further establish the company’s commitment towards excellence, before any definitive sale is made, the stones are re-polished by renowned polishers with a strong reputation in the diamond market.

We are proud to say that we have already registered a significant presence in the diamond trading space and that we continue to deliver great value to all our stakeholders, suppliers and customers.