We are aware of the impactful role businesses can undertake in espousing humanitarian causes, and thus we are an active supporter and member of several major global initiatives targeted towards improving lives and delivering sustainable livelihoods.

Robin Food eV

Robin Food eV, is a Munich based association that exclusively pursues non-profit and charitable causes. The association supports people who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. We are a proud & active supporter of the charitable causes championed by Robin Food eV and are regular partners in many initiatives organised by this association.

action in focus

Action in Focus is a non-profit locally registered, Non-governmental organization. It goes for serving the anguish poor and needy while strengthening children, their families, and their communities. Enhancing the quality of life for all members of the communities, especially those who are most disadvantaged is their primary intention.
Diamond Vault is a proud supporter and a functioning member of the organisation, aiding in making a meaningful contribution to improvement.