Diamond Vault NV fully appreciates the need for adopting, implementing and utilising modern technology in our operations. We are aware of the intriguing pace at which brand-new polishing equipment solutions are taking over the market and have attuned our operations to account for these changes. With highly specialised microscopes, cutting and polishing machines and other screening devices, we regularly scan for treated and synthetic diamonds and maintain our natural diamonds only guarantee.

As part of the modern, state-of-the-art and ethically conscious Antwerp diamond trading community, Diamond Vault NV is qualified to handle the valuation of large, complex, multi-diamond assignments of all types on a national and international basis. Our team of expert evaluators routinely perform valuation exercises – we offer a number of different valuation reports ranging from individual self-contained reports to portfolio appraisals via an Automated Valuation Model.

Our list of Equipment includes: